Thursday, November 30, 2006

Co-mission madness...

Wanted to kinda come clean on some fronts here. First off please know this...I absolutely cherish each and every one of my fans! Period! Without you fans I would be an even thinner boy than I am now. With that said I gotta come clean and let you know to all of you who are waiting on commisions, that I am truly sorry. Above is an example of a past commision done for one great fan. And I'm working on delivering equal amounts of passion towards the pieces that I owe some of you. I have no excuse, and like I said i really do apologize for my flakiness. Like I said in a previous post I am working on getting them all done and out by December's end. Also a big apology to art dealer extroidanaire, Mark Hay. I don't know how, but I'll make it up to you...seriously.

As to the piece above...I believe it was a commision requested after I had done a similar looking Spidey piece. It's pretty big, 22"17" I believe. I did most of it with brush, and then some pigma pens on the fine detail. Finished her off with some marker. That's wierd, wonder I referred to the piece as a her? Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one...


"where are my pants?"


Web Antics...

Was surfing the web and came across this thing from the 80's. The Fonz doing one of the most ridiculous psa's ever! I know for mine if someone comes and tries to grab me I'm definitely doing "The Honk"! HOOOOOOOOOONNNNKKKKK! Even funnier is the fact that this was obviously done sometime after old arthur fonzirelli's fame had died down. This looks more around the Ricky Schroeder era to me. Should've had ol' Silver Spoons pushing this one. Or at least maybe that Small Wonder chickie. Either way, hope it makes ya laugh...word...


" for british eyes only..."


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Single issues...

So here I is...I wanted to kinda explain what tha hell has happened to me over the past year. Why? Well, think of it as a little therapy on my end. As most of you know I am, was, a married man. For quite some time actually. 11 years to be exact. Well somewhere towards the begining of this year things started to kinda fall apart. And well, to make a long story short... I am now a single man. Most of you who knew me and my, as I really see it now more than ever, better half, know that I adored her. Thus I kinda lost my head for a bit. Luckily for me though, having one of the best wives has translated to me now having perhaps the best ex-wife. If that makes any sense? Seriously, we've managed to become quite good friends. I mean, she just bought me tickets to The Faint. How effin sweet is that? Wee hoo!!! No, but really, I see her now, and I am proud of her, she really is amazing. I envy her ability to hold crap together. But, I'm on the road myself to getting back on all of my cylinders. may be asking yourself, why Ale' do you need your own blog? Well, over the next few weeks, I think, my next long term project will be being announced and I want to really focus on making it my best work to date. And, I also really wanted to focus alot of my newfound extra time(single now, remember) on creating a blogspot that really showcases my love for not only comics, but life as well. So I'll be inviting some of my other comic book friends to come on for guest spots. So...again you ask yourself...what exactly can we expect from an Ale' run blog? Will it all just be about him talking about his hair? Or maybe bragging to no end how sweet his cowboy boots are? Eh, well probably not, lol! But I do wanna capture alot of the fun that I used to pull off on the Gelatometti blog, so expect some new features over here. Here is a short list of what I have in store...

Art Throwdown: It's kind of a take on my old Iron Chef challenges but with a twist. For this challenge I'll be bringing some of my homies over here for a freestyle one hour art battle. So instead of having a guidline, the artist can basically do whatever tickles thier fancy. I already got some sweet talent lined up so keep an eye out!

Uncle Ale's Art Corner: Silly name, I know, but this one'll be fun. Not only will I be giving some insight to the various thought processes which go into creating comics, but I also got some big name talents who will be giving some of what they think goes into making some sweet ass comics. Look not only for artists, but also for writers, colorists, and inkers!

The Canyon vers 2.0: My once attempted comic strip back in full color glory!

Sketchbook Diary: This one is probably the most personal feature I'll be having on here. I'll be giving you a sneek peek into my personal sketchbook. Which I take with me everywhere. From bars, to coffee shops, to the DMV, I almost always have this little guy with me, and I'll be sharing some of my inner thoughts, and feelings along with each sketch.

So there ya have it... I really want to be able to pull this off. Hopefully I can put together an enjoyable site for all of you fans. And to those of you waiting on commissions... I'm working on getting them all done, and out to you by the end of December! So with that peace to all of you...and let's have some fun!


And so it begins....

Here it is kiddies, my first foray into my own blogging madness!


"basically I'm complicated"